Okay! I am writing every day — which is a good thing. But I am not publishing every day — which is, again, a good thing!

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When I write here, I make it a point to write unapologetically for 15–20 minutes and then come back and read and give the piece a title! Freewriting? Yes.

I don’t sit to write with a purpose or intention of exploring any burning topic or emotional cause but just one motivation — let my emotions flow. I think I am doing a good job. *pats self*

I don’t have many memories of the last 15 years of my life. Tough to imagine a 30-year-old saying that? Of course, it is! I live in a world where 30's are the new 20’s. I am as confused as I was in my 20’s — just the matters in which I feel lost have become more intense and defining. …


This definitely is not the first time I am writing. In fact, I have been writing for so long now that I have lost count of the number of years. Let’s see. It all started when my homeroom teacher in primary school, also my English teacher, introduced me to this amazing thing called journal writing. I started writing about my daily activities, fascinating and not-so-fascinating things and before I knew it, I had built my own horcrux — with all my emotions.

It was then that I realized that letting your emotions flow is such a beautiful thing to do. Over the years, my emotions took various forms — sometimes a wrathful journal entry, sometimes an inspiring fictional story and sometimes, a morbid poem. And eventually, I started a blog, where I poured all my emotions to let the world read. …

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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I established that the world today is extremely fragile. Well, maybe it has always been. But any kind of addiction makes it even more fragile. Sex addiction — I never thought its a thing until very recently! And there is a deep correlation between sex addiction and online dating in today’s world. I was recently having a conversation with a very close friend of mine who is in legal services in India. Though she is a millennial, she had a firm opinion against online dating and friendship platforms. Till now, I had been indifferent towards them. …

Sushmita Malakar

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