Let Your Emotions Flow like Water!

Sushmita Malakar
2 min readJan 1, 2021



This definitely is not the first time I am writing. In fact, I have been writing for so long now that I have lost count of the number of years. Let’s see. It all started when my homeroom teacher in primary school, also my English teacher, introduced me to this amazing thing called journal writing. I started writing about my daily activities, fascinating and not-so-fascinating things and before I knew it, I had built my own horcrux — with all my emotions.

It was then that I realized that letting your emotions flow is such a beautiful thing to do. Over the years, my emotions took various forms — sometimes a wrathful journal entry, sometimes an inspiring fictional story and sometimes, a morbid poem. And eventually, I started a blog, where I poured all my emotions to let the world read.

However, once I started monetizing my blog, it became more of a platform to serve the people than serving myself. I stopped letting my emotions flow like water. Of course, I love writing on my blog. I absolutely do. It's far better than my 9 to 5, which gave me good money and security but not the peace of mind. I now have a little less money, no security but a hell lot of peace of mind which can never have a price tag attached to it.


There is always a but. I stopped letting my emotions flow like water as I used to do. I know you will enjoy reading about my travel story to some amazing part of this world. Or maybe, you will enjoy reading about saving money on your wedding celebrations. I don’t know if you enjoy reading that. But I don’t enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy writing like this — unapologetic about my emotions.

So, here I am, writing on this platform. Letting everything out of my system. Do you know why? Because over the course of years, I realized I have stopped being expressive. And no, I don't blame it on age.

Letting your emotions flow makes you fearless, peaceful and more importantly, intentional. It can be anything — writing, painting, dancing — just anything.

I am not entering 2021 with an intention of writing every day but with an intention of connecting to myself every day. It's just a mere coincidence that for me it's writing. Writing like no one is reading!